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hearing for heroes

Hearing for Heroes: ReSound ONE patient onboarding program

Hearing for Heroes is an online, self-paced onboarding program designed specifically for veterans to get acclimated to their ReSound ONE hearing aids.

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Why should you encourage patients to participate?

You know how critical the first few weeks with new hearing aids are to the long-term success of the patient. The goal of this program is to provide patients with additional resources, tips and simple instructions they need to be progress on their journey to better hearing in between follow-up appointments with you.

By successfully completing this program, we believe patients will gain:

  • A better understanding of your hearing aid technology
  • Knowledge on how to adjust sound in any environment
  • Improved awareness of helpful hearing aid resources
  • And more!

Learn More About the Program

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Getting started with Hearing for Heroes

  • Patients learn about the program from their audiologist and/or through an info card in their ReSound ONE packaging
  • Patients visit the program landing page to sign up
  • Patients receive a series of emails with learning sessions that have follow-up activities or ‘missions’ to help them practice the skills they learned
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Hearing for Heroes program overview

Participants will receive emails throughout the month to access progressive, self-paced learning sessions containing short videos, helpful instructions and insider tips and tricks.

Learning Session


Introduction to your new hearing aids and setting expectations for the future.

Learning Session


Getting to know your specific hearing aid model, functions, and features.

Learning Session


Using the ReSound Smart 3D™ app to adjust to any listening environment.

Learning Session


Cleaning and taking care of your hearing aids on a regular basis.

Learning Session


Advanced sound features and adjustments for optimal hearing experience.

Learning Session


ReSound Assist for remote hearing care and additional resources.

Looking for additional resources to help patients on their hearing journey with ReSound?

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